Dont get tide down 🌊


I wish teleportation existed


Тур B🇵🇭из Эль-Нидо включает в себя Entalula island, снорклинг в местечке Пополкан, «Змеиный остров» и 2 пещеры, одна из которых Катедраль Кейв и великолепный остров Инабуятан.


Mind-blowing fact: Do you know that the U.S. is the only advanced economy that does not guarantee paid vacation? 😵🏖🤯 - On average, Americans take off 15 days of paid vacation per year. However, according to the Center for Economic and Policy Research, 1 in 4 Americans in the private sector don’t have any guarantee for paid holiday. - In contrast all European workers are entitled to at least 20 days of paid holiday per year. - American work culture pushes “live to work”, while in Europe most would say they “work to live”. Maybe this is because many hard-working Americans don’t have a choice? - Even studies suggest that trends of “unlimited vacation days” actually result in people taking LESS time off, because of work culture and pressure. - This is one of the reasons I decided to work for myself, and leave the U.S. actually. I’m lucky I was just able to take off 3 weeks and travel in the Philippines, unbothered by work e-mails as you can see by my face in this photo. - However, this is definitely a privilege that is not feasible for most Americans. Which is why we should never travel shame others who haven’t had the time or means to travel, especially internationally. - How many vacation days do YOU get per year?! What is the norm based on the country you are from? - - - - - #gophilippines #philippinesgram #experiencephilippines #siraogarden #cebuisland #sidewalkerdaily #travelcultured #conscioustravel #blisslife #portraitmode #bohodresses #protecttheplanet #unplugging #ecotraveller #mindfultravel #cebutravel #cebusbest #cebutrip


I would like to thank my sponsor "GUELA" for this Modern Filipino Traditional Men's Wear called "Baro or Baro ng Tagalog". She is known for her Maranao Royalty Designs and Queen of Mindanaoan Fashion in Philippines. @queen_guela #guela #guelacouture #queen_guela #barong #barongtagalog #barong#philippinefashion #philippinefashiondesigners #philippinefashiondesign #philippines #philippines🇵🇭 #philippinestravel #discoverphilippines #experiencephilippines #ootdphilippines #madeinthephilippines


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